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covid-19 event professional remote work

Covid-19 impact on the event industry is huge. Less than two months ago, we shared insights to help professionals protect themselves from the outbreak. Today, with most shows canceled, the challenge is different – and for many, it results in downtimes, confinement at home, and no vision towards future shows. So what to do? The […]

Simple steps to protect yourself from the virus and stay sage on trade shows

Trade shows can be nasty places, filled with bacteria, viruses and other germs. CES for example, the world’s largest tech consumer show. It welcomes each year over 250k visitors in Las Vegas – and with it comes the iconic CES flu. You just can’t escape it! It’s our job to attend shows, so we know […]

The Esports industry growth over the past decade is simply spectacular. While the headlines are all about cash prize records for tournaments winners, the ecosystem on its own experienced immense success. Brands who believed early in Esports established themselves as strongholds here, while the potential for growth also allows non-endemic brands to continually join and […]

There are many reasons why people don’t stay at your booth. The lack of engagement by visitors is a marketeer’s worse nightmare. Everyone want visitors to have a great experience at their activities. Express interest in your products or activity. In client meetings, we are often asked “What can be done to improve our engagement […]

There is absolutely no doubt that social media is part of our lives. Each network is a bit different, and, as time passes, network-specific demographic reach becomes more clear. Today, if you are a brand or an agency, it makes sense to combine the power of social media targeting with event activities to encourage visits […]

Finding the perfect staff to hire for brand activations is a challenge. Actually, staffing in general is the greatest challenge our clients face. Why? Multiple reasons, here are some to name a few: Manpower quantity vary (5, 10, 50, sometimes hundreds!) Skills requirements can change from one event to the next Staff must be available […]

From inception, we aimed to be a firm not bound to a specific analytics technology. Instead of developing our own technology, we focused on service and consultancy to help event managers and agencies gain insights and uncover the true value of their events. Our founders knew that picking a side would ultimately be a disadvantage […]

There is no value without insight. Many businesses make the mistake of measuring for the sake of measuring. They chase endless vanity metrics – always better, always greater. Then, when earning calls come, these numbers lose their power. And in some cases, can become meaningless. We believe in the value of analytics, but only if […]

With the rise of experiential marketing, outdoor activations on the streets, in malls and festivals is at an all time high. Consumer shift of purchasing habits to online created a huge opportunity for brands to take over spaces and deliver meaningful brand experiences. These experiences are unique, temporary and sometimes part of sophisticated marketing roadshows […]

Using digital badge scanners (or lead scanners) to count visitors is a very bad idea. In fact, it should be banned. Introduced progressively throughout the past decade, scanners using NFC, QRCode or RFID technology are now part of the event manager’s toolkit – it happened by will or even sometimes by force. While the solution […]