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A large segment of marketing budgets nowadays is dedicated to influencers. Social media influencers are primarily online celebrities known for their reach within particular online communities. Their net worth is evaluated on the basis of Twitter and Instagram follower counts, YouTube subscribers or Facebook likes. But often, revenue from sales referral. Influencers are vocal and […]

A/B testing is a practice that originates in online marketing. It is the fastest and most cost effective way to measure what choice works and iterate on evolutions to boost ROI. For websites, A/B testing is used to validate the positioning of buttons, choices of color or call to action texts. In essence, A/B testing […]

Often, event managers overlook the importance of staff training at trade shows. It seems so trivial in essence that many brands skip training sessions altogether. They assume that the folks will know. And, sometimes, the same is true for agencies. Busy with too many clients, or spread too thin across several industries, they can also […]

It’s on everyone’s mind. How can we cut exhibit costs? Budgets allocated to the attendance of conventions and trade shows have consistently diminished over the past few years. In addition, costs for booth space keeps going up. The result of this being a constant exodus of brands that initially question the value of these shows, […]

Most exhibitors don’t know it. Ones booth bounce rate is still an unknown metric for most marketeers and event managers. And we can’t blame them. How would you know it if you don’t measure the performance of your booth to begin with? To demonstrate how important your booth bounce rate is, let’s take a look […]

Turning lambda show visitors into engaged visitors is key to improve ones conversion ratio. But it’s also by far the hardest challenge any exhibitor will encounter. You may literally have 30 seconds to do so! Your booths conversion ratio is by far the most important metric to define the success of a show, and thus […]