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Event Analytics drives value to your businessIan Schneider

How event analytics generates value for your business

There is no value without insight. Many businesses make the mistake of measuring for the sake of measuring. They chase endless vanity metrics - always better, always greater. Then, when earning calls come, these numbers lose their power. And…
Skateboard nike brand activationKirk Morales

Brand activations, experiential marketing metrics that matter

With the rise of experiential marketing, outdoor activations on the streets, in malls and festivals is at an all time high. Consumer shift of purchasing habits to online created a huge opportunity for brands to take over spaces and deliver meaningful…

Tag Archive for: activation

C2 Montreal logoEvent Analytics Technologies

Evaluate brand reach as conference sponsor

Event Analytics helps Videotron (telco) to evaluate the value of their corporate sponsorship at Canada's most expensive and exclusive C-level conference, C2.