Brand activation ROI at a music festival

A case study of Lock&Go – customizable smart locker for events

Locketgo is a Canadian self-service smart locker company. The company designs, builds and operates personal locker systems which customers access using their personal smartphone or RFID festival wristband, providing a personal storage space for valuables during an event.

Locketgo operates these smart lockers in two distinct types of venue: brick and mortar venues such as sports stadiums and concert halls, and temporary venues such as music festivals and other outdoor mass-event venues.

The Challenge

The company management identified the physical real-estate of their locker system as an opportunity for monetization. They would like to offer this real-estate to brands looking for visibility at events such as outdoor music festivals or conventions.

In order to pitch these opportunities to brands and agencies, they need to provide analytical data to demonstrate the value of the exposure. They need to answer the following questions:

  • How many people will see the brand messaging if the logo is placed on the locker station and surroundings?
  • How long will people be exposed to the brand messaging in the direct proximity of the lockers?
  • What is the Return on Investment (ROI) for a partner brand?

Solution by Event Analytics

Event Analytics took on the mandate from Locketgo to evaluate the Brand-Reach value that such lockers represent.
To do so, Event Analytics installed rugged sensors designed to support temporary activations. The solutions operated on 4G and did not require Locketgo to provide connectivity. Thus Event Analytics was able to precisely monitor the footfall within two areas around the lockers:

  1. A wide “passing area” collects information on the distinct Brand-Reach measurement goal.
  2. A narrower “engaged area” helps to qualify visitors directly exposed to the locker system.


The venue chosen to execute the measurement was a music festival in Montreal in peak summer season. Unreliable connectivity on-site and potentially unreliable power delivery presents a challenge for any solution that requires the Internet and power to operate.

Event Analytics was able to mitigate both, thanks to the following:

  • Connectivity: Used 4G-enabled sensors.
  • Power: Each sensor comes outfitted with an integrated battery pack capable of supplying ~8h of continuous power in case of a power outage.

During the festival weekend no outage was observed — the equipment performed flawlessly under these challenging conditions.


After two days, Locketgo management was able to receive a detailed report on activity at the music festival. This report showed specific insights for the value their lockers represent to future brand partners.

At this specific music festival, we measured an opportunity benchmarked at 46d and 12h of continuous Brand-Reach. This is the total time for which visitors were exposed to the Locketgo brand — and potentially their upcoming brand partners — at the event.

Also, on average, visitors in close proximity to the lockers represented nearly 10 minutes engagement opportunity through which future brand partners can leverage.

Locketgo is now considering outfit more locations and to provide brand partners with data for future activations.

Client testimonial

“It was a seamless experience to work with the Event Analytics team. Their expertise helped us gain a better understanding of the Brand-Reach we have with our lockers at events. We can now offer our clients insights into their ROI when they choose to brand our lockers”

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Industry Event technology
Founded 2016
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Products Smart lockers
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