Measure product engagement at a trade show

A case study of ASUS, exhibitor at a technology trade show

Realtime analytics and insights from onsite experts are key to getting the most out of your trade show booth. While a thorough post-event report signposts effective strategies to build on your success.

Asus measures product engagement at a trade show

Fortune 500 listed multinational tech company Asus is known for its innovative product design. The Asus brand encompasses both commercial and consumer product categories including laptops, smartphones, smart watches, home automation, PCs and peripherals for content creators. The Republic of Gamers (ROG) is the world’s largest gaming brand specializing in gaming laptops, gaming PC systems, components and peripherals.

ASUS’s challenge

Asus opted for two large adjacent stands at Computex 2019 – one for Asus and one for ROG. Computex is particularly important to the client because of the mixed background of the visitors which includes journalists, industry professionals and consumers staggered across the five days. As such a full range of products was on display and the client had invested heavily to accommodate the needs of the various visitors. Measures included guided tours, enhanced user experience, and experience areas. Despite the complex booth layout EATech’s insights would allow Asus to assess the Brand Reach and engagement values of specified high priority products and experience areas.

Our Solution

  1. Help Asus evaluate the Brand Reach of the two core brands achieved through user experiences, activities, and booth design.
  2. Provide real-world verifiable data on the effectiveness of specific activities, stand design, and product placement.

To achieve this Event Analytics (EATech) studied the floor plan and worked closely with the Asus event marketing team to establish monitoring priorities and product hierarchy. EATech used their expertise to place an appropriate number of sensors pre-show to measure specific product display performance and overall Brand Reach.

Booth floor map and Points of Interest

The extensive data analysis allows the client to optimize the end-user experience by using interim feedback to adjust tactics during the event and furthermore to be confident in focusing their expenditure and efforts to the greatest effect at future events according to the final provided report.

On location challenges

  • Connectivity: The venue suffers from unreliable wireless connectivity and limited wired internet for the monitored stations. EATech overcame this through the use of 4G-enabled sensors which ensured flawless operation throughout the show.
  • Last-minute adjustments: Although the client had provided a booth map for planning purposes some product display areas were adjusted in the days leading up to the show. EATech’s onsite expert discussed the revised aims with the client, rapidly assessed the modified layout and rearranged the sensor installation to ensure optimal coverage. This issue was resolved in just 20 minutes.
  • Realtime feedback: With more than 60 products on display, in the planning stages EATech had established a hierarchy of importance in conjunction with the client. EATech’s monitoring revealed that some high-importance products were attracting a lower engagement level than expected. Through daily morning briefings EATech was able to advise the client on ways to improve engagement by adjusting staffing arrangements and visibility ⁠— leading to immediate improvements on reach and engagement time.


The final report indicates that notwithstanding competition from over 5,500 exhibitors across the whole exhibition the Asus stands attracted 55% of the total visitors to Computex. The average dwell time was slightly over 24 minutes, and the stands achieved more than 440 days of Brand Reach, a new benchmark for the company.

Engagement at the ASUS booth

Engagement at the ASUS booth – Dashboard view

The client selected 18 points of interest for analysis across the two booths. EATech’s insights enabled the brand managers to identify key strengths in their booth design, understand and evaluate visitor behavior, and thus provided a blueprint for maximizing engagement opportunities for future events.

Client testimonial

“We are exceptionally happy with the service Event Analytics provided. Not only were their onsite experts responsive and accommodating, their evaluation proved invaluable in tweaking our methods to ensure maximum Brand Reach and engagement during the show.

The final report was detailed and has pinpointed areas that we intend to improve upon at future events. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend EATech’s services to other companies.”

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