Evaluate brand reach as a conference sponsor

A case study of Videotron Canadian CSP at C2 Montréal

Event Analytics enabled Videotron to evaluate the effectiveness of their corporate sponsorship among decision makers from across Canada and North America. EATech also identified alternative Brand Reach opportunities which may be used at future events.

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Videotron is a Canadian full-service Communications Service Provider (CSP). Owned by Quebec media conglomerate Quebecor, Videotron provides services to millions of customers such as residential and mobile telephone services, Internet access, cable television, video on demand, and wireless communication. Established in 1964, Videotron is a well-established brand that regularly engages in corporate sponsorship.  [source]

Videotron’s challenge

Throughout the year, Videotron activates its brand via multiple sponsorships and endorsements of events such as conferences, music festivals and other consumer-facing activities. With these sponsorships, Videotron wants to reach the widest possible audience with branding and experiential activities.

At the end of May 2019, Videotron was a major sponsor of the C2 Montréal — a high-profile, C-level- executive focused conference attended by decision makers from throughout Canada and North America. Videotron’s brand marketing team wanted to evaluate the value of its participation at C2 and quantify visits to its VIP suite. The team sought a data-driven solution to provide accurate measurements of their Brand Reach and footfall engagement at various locations around the conference.

Solution by Event Analytics

To deliver on its consulting mandate for Videotron, Event Analytics opted to install on-location sensors using beacon technology. Working with Videotron’s team, EATech identified four key areas of interest to provide the most accurate and valuable data. Sensors were installed at each location prior to the show and Videotron was able to monitor the real-time measurements throughout the conference via EATech’s cloud dashboard.


Working at events often requires flexibility and resilience to unforeseen challenges. C2 was no exception.

  • Power planning: the official floor map did not indicate the location of power outlets. EATech’s team was able to quickly befriend the on-site electricians and identify solutions to safely wire all the sensor equipment during setup at no extra cost.
  • Power outage: on the first day, a power plug had been inadvertently disconnected during pre-show electrical maintenance by venue electricians. EATech’s on-site support team immediately identified which sensor was affected from a monitoring alert and was able to re-connect it before the first visitors arrived.
  • Connectivity: on-location Wi-Fi reserved for conference visitors occasionally experienced challenges due to high traffic during the first day of the event. EATech’s sensors were all operating on the Videotron 4G/LTE network. Not a single connectivity outage was experienced.


Across all sensors the team was able to collect precise footfall data. From this dataset, EATech analysts were able to identify major trends and measure the general engagement performance for each area of interest.

Videotron achieved 16 days of engagement reach with visitors at the show. These visitors decided to stop and spend an average of 40+ minutes at Videotron-branded locations.

Furthermore, through EATech’s on-site expertise and a wider analysis of C2 visitors’ journeys (7,332 visitors in total), Event Analytics discovered some alternative Brand Reach opportunities at the conference. Should Videotron choose to leverage these findings, their Brand Reach could potentially treble at future C2 events.

Client testimonial

“We sponsor many events and conferences so it was very gratifying to have some solid data to show for our efforts. Plus, we got some great tips from Event Analytics that we will be using for our corporate sponsorship in the future. This kind of analysis really helps with budgeting and planning. I recommend Event Analytics’ services to companies who want to take their sponsorship strategies to the next level.”

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Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1964
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Products Cable television, Cable internet, Cable VoIP Telephony, Wireless communication
Parent Quebecor
Website videotron.com

source: Wikipedia